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Article posted on 3/28/12
Author: Kelly Curtis

Details Revealed of Mitt Romney's Renovation Plans for La Jolla Beach Home

According to a story published Wednesday by, Republican Presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney has some lofty aspirations for his La Jolla beach house. The plans include a fancy, two-story garage complete with an elevator to move cars between floors, an outdoor shower that most Americans would be proud of having inside their homes, and a massive basement that would contain more floor space than the current home's entire living quarters.

To help move the project through the approval process more quickly, Romney has also hired a lobbyist, furthering the wealthy Republican's image of being out-of-touch with everyday Americans. The plans for Romney's La Jolla home were submitted by Democrats to Politico, who claims to have authenticated the documents with San Diego authorities.

Politico did not publish the specific plans for the project, or the architectural layouts, in response to a request from the US Secret Service, who asked for security reasons. According to documents on file with the city of San Diego since 2008, Romney wants to replace the existing beach house with a home more than three times its size. To push the project through, the former Massachusetts Governor has paid local attorney Matthew Peterson more than $20,000 since 2008. The plans on file with the city, Politico noted, are really just a precursor to more formal plans to renovate the 76 year-old, 3,000 square foot beach house.

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